Total Forgiveness, Total Life


You, your dead you, and the devil want to try to convince you that you are not worthy of the precious gift that He has provided, in fact none of us are in  any way shape or form are able to attain it! However the actual gift of His great love provides us all that we need to qualify for everything that He has promised us including FREEDOM FROM SIN. He lifts us up and puts our feet in a place that He knows is far superior to our previous standing. From undeserving, deplorable to a child of God with all the rights and privileges that go with the child of a king!  Forgiven washed clean never to suffer from guilt or fear. What a wonderful way to describe out personal relationship with God himself. Free, open and looking into the eyes of the One that loves me beyond compare! He knows all of the dark deep things that have affected me in terrible way only to say “I Love You, enough to trust you with all of the power that is contained in my being! You are my son, I delight in you, all of you!”

Remember that God does not operate in the negative, any negative thoughts or feelings are not from God. If they are not of God who are they from? Right, so when you are feeling all those negative thoughts, remember who is attacking you. If it is not God then He has a positive message for you instead of the message you are hearing right now. Negativity must go and our thinking must be the opposite of the negative. Grater is He that is within you that he that is in the world, right… Take every negative thought and weigh it, look at it through Gods eyes and see if it is real, probably not real, Huh!

How Passionate Is He For You!


Sometimes it is difficult for m to believe that the God of the universe is so passionate about me… and why should He be, right! as I heard it said a few weeks ago, He loves you, He loves you, He loves you, He loves you, He loves you, because that is the way He is. Even if you decide not to talk to Him, He still loves you, even if you hate Him, He still loves you, because that is the way he is. God is love and in Him is the perfection of love in it’s greatest form. There is nothing you can do to make Him love you more, or nothing that you can do to make Him love you less. In fact it is in His nature to bless us and favor us all the time. Do we go throughout each looking for the favor of God in our lives or do we think that He is mad at us when we sin and angry at us for what we do? That is not the God that I know, or at least have come to know.

I always wondered how they would talk about backsliding in church and then say that God lives in side of you, seems to me wherever I go He goes too, I guess He is sliding too! When are we going to realize that God has once and for all taken care of sin and will not deal with it again until the end of time. He does not look at our sin, I repeat, He does not look at sin, it does not interest Him in the slightest. He is interested in our walk with Him and the Holy Spirit. He loves, passionately to be with you and talk to you about everything that is in your life. Especially the mountains and problems that are standing in the way.

Even thought these are the facts, we as humans do not really believe that He is that passionate about us, which is so far from the truth. He wants us to meet the needs of people and let them see how incredible that He is in our lives. Step out, trust Him and He will not let you down in any situation!

Fiery heart

All About His Love…


Do we really know or can we really fathom how much God loves us? I mean really, it is so difficult for me to get a handle on, but incredible when it comes down to it. I don’t even know how to explain it, but I do know that He says that He looks at me as his son, heir with him. That is amazing. You mean the God that formed a pile of dirt and then breathed into the breath of life, the guy really loves me far more than I could ever imagine. I wonderIJohnto myself why is that so hard to believe and comprehend? Is it the place each of us come from and the experiences that we have had with our earthly father? I feel like sometimes that is very true, we try to comprehend what we experience and know, however I have found it to be so much more than human love. Unconditional, something that we as humans are not capable of portraying, and love that say no matter what you do, think, or feel, His love is always the same. I too have experienced His love for me, he loves to talk and even comforts in dire times, but more than anything else it is the time to develop a personal relationship with Him, intimately. When you are at your lowest, when things look like they are really bad, you can turn to Him and He will answer, regardless. Do I deserve this, of course not, I do not accept this as something that I deserve, it is a gift. Here I am standing n the grace of God totally undeserved, but a child of God just the same. That true love and goodness from God.

One of the overwhelming thoughts that I have is how God would entrust me with the gifts the He gives to us. Really, one of the humanist humans I know… I mean really know…is given everything in God? Amazing and humbling thought!Quiet Place Sign Maybe I have answered my own question, but maybe that is why it is so difficult to get your arms around the love of God…

I have determined to get in the quiet place with God and commune with Him and have that intimate relationship with Him. What is really incredible though is that He is  just giddy with glee at the thought of Him and I talking, like a 13 year old boy with a new sweetheart, right at Valentines, anticipating love to see that person that makes their heart sing.

Really? Whatever? That is amazing…


I was reading in John chapter 14 and had to read it a few time to really get the meaning of the passage… just to interject, I believe that most of religion and religious leaders today really do not think that God is a loving, kind Dad that wants the best for you and I and that he is not a judge or something to fear. Yes I know it says fear some in the Bible, but look at the translation, the fear is not like the fear of the horror movies. Actually He says not to fear more than He talks about anything else. Why do you think that is?, ok enough interjection, but back to John 14, Phillip an apostle ask Jesus to show him the Father, His response is , 11 Believe Me that I am in the Father and the Father is in Me; otherwise believe because of the works themselves. (The works that He was performing, miracles, healing)12 Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to the Father. 13 Whatever you ask in My name, that will I do, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. 14 If you ask Me anything in My name, I will do it. Ok really, Jesus did you just say anything that I ask? I have heard this verse explained away to mean a lot of other things, but I do not find a caveat here at all. What if your dad came to you and said ask anything in my name and I will do it, come on go ahead, ask me? What would you do? Would you ask, and would you get something from your dad? If it was within his power I would. Well then how much more would He love to give us what we ask for.

We fail to understand that God gave you the desires that you have in your heart, he made everything, every cell in your body and He delights in you and who you are. Why do we have such narrow minded Christianity and feel everyone has to conform to what we think. I truly believe that a lot of people are turned off by Christians and their God due to this fact. He loves you far more than you can imagine and passionately wants to have a deep personal relationship with you, one that is fulfilling,lasting and full of UNCONDITIONAL love! Nothing can ever separate you from the love of God, NOTHING! Isn’t that great, that is incredible. The creator of the universe wants to sitquiet placedown with you in the quiet place and be with you, talking and enjoying what you have with each other. Try it, find a quiet place and ask Him to come and talk to you, He will come and He will be there.

The passage in John comes after the disciples wanted to call fire from heaven to kill a prophet that was teaching in the next town, and yet He still offered “whatever you ask in my name, I will do it.” Maybe I am just being literal, but I believe He meant exactly what He said. So I am asking BIG! I think He will be tickled to make that happen.

In the quiet place at one time, God said to me, Ken, when you get here, I will never say that you trusted me too much!, I think that was an invitation to realize Him in a whole new way. He is passionate about you too…

Catching Up is going to be fun, exciting, but difficult so here goes…


Well to catch everyone up I will use the first of a few post in a long time to get everything back to par, but it should be a lot of fun as well…

This adventure is far greater than I ever thought it would be, greater in many ways and somewhat frustrating in others. We never know what God has planned for us, but His plan is best because He know far more than we do all the time. That sound so much of a cliche that I really do not like how it sounds, but it is true. That must be the human side of me coming out in full force. Of all the things that I do not want to admit, this is one of them. I do not have a better plan or the ability to move in any direction better than He can in my life. I realize that sounds like I am inadequate, but it is not that, it is that He is so much better and this life thing than I am.

I truly believe that trusting Him si nothing more that understanding how much He really loves me and wants the best for me, therefore anything that is out there I can overcome through Him. What is more than that I have promises from Him that says just that, we are over-comers, literally. If you have read any of the other postings you realize that I take everything literally when it come to seeing Gods grace and love for me.

But I have rambled enough and will work on getting everything caught up in the next few posts!IMG_0915