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He came down…

Posted: 20th December 2013 by kenscroggs in Uncategorized

Speechless, Overwhelmed, Astonished and acknowledging His love for me… I can’t say it any better, Please listen to this, i can’t put it into words like he can… Just watch this, the entire thing it is really incredible. The true Christmas Story!

I know that I have posted a lot these last few days, but then again there has been a lot going on as well… This is something that is a personnal struggle and a realization that God has brought to me through about four or five different things that have happened these last few days. […]

Posted: 18th December 2013 by kenscroggs in Uncategorized

I really hope that each of you have a great Chrsitmas and Holiday SeasonI know that I would like to remember what really happened this time fo the year and how much LOVE was shown to us through the gift that God gave us! The Bible says that we know the Father loves us evidensed […]

The Reason For The Season – New Creation

Posted: 15th December 2013 by kenscroggs in Uncategorized

I am completely overwhelmed by the grace afforded to us that is represented during this time of the year. He came knowing that His death would bring about the salvation of the entire world. He made it possible for each of us to not be condemned, but to be totally loved by the God if […]

Hair? Really?

Posted: 3rd December 2013 by kenscroggs in Uncategorized

Talk about relentless pursuit of each of us, Matthew 10:30 says that even the hairs on our heads are numbered by God, he cares so much that he goes to extremes to know who we are. That is an incredible thought that the God of the universe cares that much for us. What did we […]