Do we really know the love of God, really know?


I know that I have posted a lot these last few days, but then again there has been a lot going on as well… This is something that is a personnal struggle and a realization that God has brought to me through about four or five different things that have happened these last few days. I realize that I must know how much God loves me before the power of God can be manifest in my life. What I mean is really know, understand and KNOW how much He loves me.

He loves me so much He put me before the feelings and life of His own Son! He loves me so much that He made Himself sin so that I could have redemption! He loves me so much that He made me the righteousness of God, forgiven and placed at the right hand of the Father! These are not mere words, as I had come to believe, this is reality and my belief in those words does not make them the truth, they are truth regardless of whether I believe them or not! HE LOVES ME FAR BEYOND ANYTHING I KNOW! The perfect Lamb of God became sin for me, forgiving once and for all the sins of mankind, including me! Jecus Christ on the cross looked down through the anals of time and saw me in need of His sacrifice and embraced with love the moment that I would allow Him to love me!!

Only then can I know the power of God in my life, without love, as I Cor 13 states, there is nothing. Without His love there is no power, no meaning. Herein is love not that we loved God, but that He loved us and gave Himself for us! He has made a way for me to be righteous before the everlasting God! What a thought, what a God, what a love!

I will allow God to love me the best way that He knows how, that has got to be good! After all He has perfect love, Praise you Father, thank you Father for the love you have for me! I want to bask , float, soak up and revel in the love that the Father has poured out on me, realize it, enjoy it and swim in it! Do you really know how much God loves you? Not in your head, not something that you have heard in church, but really know and understand how much the really loves you? Really? When I started this blog I had part of the title, “the prusuit of an intimate relationship with God” that was soon changed to His relentless prusuit of an intimitate relationship with us! He wants with all the passion and love He has to have an intimate relationship with us and show us how much He loves us! Drop the actions, drop the spirituality, drop religion and get to the real core of knowing and understanding how much He loves you! I am as I told Him this morning, allowing Him to love me to the fullest, knowing that is what He wants to do and is delighted to do! Incredible!!

Ask Him to show you how much He loves you, He would lover to show you more than you want to know!!

I am not really a fan of Celine Deon, but this song reflects how God loves us! Loving us back to life!



I really hope that each of you have a great Chrsitmas and Holiday SeasonI know that I would like to remember what really happened this time fo the year and how much LOVE was shown to us through the gift that God gave us! The Bible says that we know the Father loves us evidensed by His sacrificing His Son. All of this so that we could live free, great thought!

God is eternal love, unconditional from any angle, God dearly loves us! I feel a tug at my hreat at the fact that a lot of people do not understand God’s love and how he wants for us to see His unconditional love. Nothing I can do has an effect on anyone,But it is everything that God does for me, amazing!

May your days be Merry and Bright and the love that God shows us be in your herat. Merry Christmas


The Reason For The Season – New Creation



I am completely overwhelmed by the grace afforded to us that is represented during this time of the year. He came knowing that His death would bring about the salvation of the entire world. He made it possible for each of us to not be condemned, but to be totally loved by the God if the universe. Religion doesn’t redeem us from anything, but His life does. It has nothing to do with what I do, I can’t get any closer to God than I already am, He is living inside me all the time. Because His Son paid for all of the sins of man, how can He get mad at me for anything? He can’t, that is against His entire make up, He loves us beyond anything you can imagine. The Bible says that it pleased the father to send His Son Born to die, that I might live! Praise you Father

This is a song by the Imperials that says it all…. you can listen on you tube below…

Created bone of His bone, Created flesh of His flesh
I am a child whose father is the Almighty God
We were created in His image, His divine nature was imparted to me
And His royal blood now flows through my veins
I am a new creation, I was created by Him
And through Him we are infallible, indestructible a new class of men
And though the powers of hell may rage against me I stand triumphantly
With the armor of God to go about me I can stand victoriously.

We are empowered by the Holy Spirit all set to be filled with the mind of Christ (all things work together for our good; because Jesus lives we have the ability to reign like kings and like priests)
We are proclaiming liberty to the captives
And we’re opening the door and setting them free. 

Hair? Really?



Talk about relentless pursuit of each of us, Matthew 10:30 says that even the hairs on our heads are numbered by God, he cares so much that he goes to extremes to know who we are. That is an incredible thought that the God of the universe cares that much for us. What did we ever do to deserve this at all? The great thing is that we did nothing, He did everything for us and has provided us with Himself, Grace in the middle of our earthly lives. I think it is hard to even imagine some of the things that He freely gives to us. John 1:12 states that all who believe on Him he gives the power to become the sons of God. That means that I am adopted into the family of God Himself and I am an heir and joint heir with Jesus Christ. That is hard to digest, that is for sure. I am a Son of God, period. What a life to live here, what a place to be, how much better can this get!!

He has given us His Life and His Favor to put us in the position of being more than conquerors. He proves it over and over again as He recounts the hairs on my head each day just to be sure He has the number! Yeah, I am smiling wider than the dog in the picture now!!