All About His Love…


Do we really know or can we really fathom how much God loves us? I mean really, it is so difficult for me to get a handle on, but incredible when it comes down to it. I don’t even know how to explain it, but I do know that He says that He looks at me as his son, heir with him. That is amazing. You mean the God that formed a pile of dirt and then breathed into the breath of life, the guy really loves me far more than I could ever imagine. I wonderIJohnto myself why is that so hard to believe and comprehend? Is it the place each of us come from and the experiences that we have had with our earthly father? I feel like sometimes that is very true, we try to comprehend what we experience and know, however I have found it to be so much more than human love. Unconditional, something that we as humans are not capable of portraying, and love that say no matter what you do, think, or feel, His love is always the same. I too have experienced His love for me, he loves to talk and even comforts in dire times, but more than anything else it is the time to develop a personal relationship with Him, intimately. When you are at your lowest, when things look like they are really bad, you can turn to Him and He will answer, regardless. Do I deserve this, of course not, I do not accept this as something that I deserve, it is a gift. Here I am standing n the grace of God totally undeserved, but a child of God just the same. That true love and goodness from God.

One of the overwhelming thoughts that I have is how God would entrust me with the gifts the He gives to us. Really, one of the humanist humans I know… I mean really know…is given everything in God? Amazing and humbling thought!Quiet Place Sign Maybe I have answered my own question, but maybe that is why it is so difficult to get your arms around the love of God…

I have determined to get in the quiet place with God and commune with Him and have that intimate relationship with Him. What is really incredible though is that He is  just giddy with glee at the thought of Him and I talking, like a 13 year old boy with a new sweetheart, right at Valentines, anticipating love to see that person that makes their heart sing.

Do we really know the love of God, really know?


I know that I have posted a lot these last few days, but then again there has been a lot going on as well… This is something that is a personnal struggle and a realization that God has brought to me through about four or five different things that have happened these last few days. I realize that I must know how much God loves me before the power of God can be manifest in my life. What I mean is really know, understand and KNOW how much He loves me.

He loves me so much He put me before the feelings and life of His own Son! He loves me so much that He made Himself sin so that I could have redemption! He loves me so much that He made me the righteousness of God, forgiven and placed at the right hand of the Father! These are not mere words, as I had come to believe, this is reality and my belief in those words does not make them the truth, they are truth regardless of whether I believe them or not! HE LOVES ME FAR BEYOND ANYTHING I KNOW! The perfect Lamb of God became sin for me, forgiving once and for all the sins of mankind, including me! Jecus Christ on the cross looked down through the anals of time and saw me in need of His sacrifice and embraced with love the moment that I would allow Him to love me!!

Only then can I know the power of God in my life, without love, as I Cor 13 states, there is nothing. Without His love there is no power, no meaning. Herein is love not that we loved God, but that He loved us and gave Himself for us! He has made a way for me to be righteous before the everlasting God! What a thought, what a God, what a love!

I will allow God to love me the best way that He knows how, that has got to be good! After all He has perfect love, Praise you Father, thank you Father for the love you have for me! I want to bask , float, soak up and revel in the love that the Father has poured out on me, realize it, enjoy it and swim in it! Do you really know how much God loves you? Not in your head, not something that you have heard in church, but really know and understand how much the really loves you? Really? When I started this blog I had part of the title, “the prusuit of an intimate relationship with God” that was soon changed to His relentless prusuit of an intimitate relationship with us! He wants with all the passion and love He has to have an intimate relationship with us and show us how much He loves us! Drop the actions, drop the spirituality, drop religion and get to the real core of knowing and understanding how much He loves you! I am as I told Him this morning, allowing Him to love me to the fullest, knowing that is what He wants to do and is delighted to do! Incredible!!

Ask Him to show you how much He loves you, He would lover to show you more than you want to know!!

I am not really a fan of Celine Deon, but this song reflects how God loves us! Loving us back to life!

Do I really know how much God loves me? Really?



When I try to contemplate how much He loves me I can’t seem to get my arms around the unlimited capacity of His Love. I think that our infinite human mind has a hard time dealing with the kind of love he has for us. It is unconditional, unending, uninterrupted it completely forgives and restores regardless of the offense. From my human mind that is hard to imagine. However just because I can’t seem to grasp His love does not for an instant mean that His love is not true or does not exist. My knowing or understanding is not the directive that makes His love for me real, it is real and it is the truth. I am so glad that my believing is a prerequisite to the truth…I do know that He loves me far more that I can even understand, or comprehend. When I think that something that offends Him happens, it is paid for and restoration is complete actually before it happens. I will always have right standing with God no matter the circumstances, again this is not about me it is about what He has done in my place. What a place to be in our walk with Him, forgiven, spotless before Him completely all the time. Now that give us a totally different outlook on life and our relationship with Him. That is a great thought, a great realization and a wonderfully loving God who wants to be intimate with us. So today when you feel that everything is not going well, or your day is kinda not working for you, just think about how much He loves you, how much He really cares…even in the smallest things, talk to Him, tell Him your inner most thoughts and feelings. Just try it, I mean what can it hurt, right?

Grace, in real life!



Why do we get so wrapped up in our life and forget to stop and feel the hurting and pain that is around us. Where is the grace in all of that. We are supposed to have the kind of life that changes the world, however we will not if we do not have compassion for people. The grace that has been extended to me has been without merit, unattainable and yet perfect and complete. Do I deserve to be extended this grace, no, I cannot even start to say that I remotely deserve His grace. But He freely gives it without reservation, without hesitation, without restrictions, with a love that is unfathomable and limitless. Now for the hard part, He expects us to extend the same kind of love to every man, even those that harm us the most or have hurt us the worst. What would this world be like if we loved and cared with a love that was truly unconditional? Is that not what we are supposed to do? I want to extend the same grace and compassion that has been extended to me, unconditional and amazing. If you decide to do the same I think we could change the world in a few short weeks!

Besides this is where the adventure of walking in grace leads you! The more I know how much He loves me the more amazed I am!

Wonderful amazing and indescribable…


It is real hard to put to words what grace is to me. Having been to church all of my youth years, I heard a lot of different things about grace, most of which were not shown to me in the light of the real world. That is why I feel frustrated in talking about grace because the words and phrases are a lot the same, only now when I talk about grace now it is a real living thing, Jesus Christ himself. First of all the definition of grace is beautiful… mercy is when your debt is paid, grace is when your debt is paid and you are given everything as well! As a child I thought that God was a God of justice holding the scales of sin and good and all I had to do was try to be good enough, if not I could march down to the front of the church at a service and “get right with God” What a miserable way to live, unsure, hoping you could attain, always wondering. This is the modern church’s method of keeping people captive to the lifeline of the church, the pastor tells everyone what to do and how to act, then you are a good christian. This is nothing more than man’s attempt at religion, not God’s. There are churches that are teaching grace, but for the most part, the pastors that I haves talked too have told me that, yes all of what you say is true, however you cannot teach that or people will just go out and sin all the time. So much for leaving the results of your work up to God, maybe we try too hard to get results to show that we are needed.

The true power and wonder of grace did not hit me until I looked into the face of Grace and realized that He loves me regardless of who or what I am and that our relationship does not depend on the things that I do, but what He has already done. Romans 8:1 says there is no condemnation to those that are in Christ Jesus. None whatsoever at all, because my sins are already paid for right on through the end of time! We are forgiven, no longer to be defeated or condemned by ourselves or any church. As Paul says in Romans, He has set you free for freedom’s sake. We are free to have a relationship with this eternal being that loves us so much, far more than we could ever imagine. That really makes me want to run out and just sin my life away, right, no just the opposite, it makes me fall in love with Him.

This blog is to express how much and how God loves us in a way that is touching and intimate with us. He wants to talk to us all the time. Just like the references in the New Testament to the church being the Bride of Christ, He is marrying us not to change us, but to have unconditional love for us!  More to come!