Catching Up is going to be fun, exciting, but difficult so here goes…


Well to catch everyone up I will use the first of a few post in a long time to get everything back to par, but it should be a lot of fun as well…

This adventure is far greater than I ever thought it would be, greater in many ways and somewhat frustrating in others. We never know what God has planned for us, but His plan is best because He know far more than we do all the time. That sound so much of a cliche that I really do not like how it sounds, but it is true. That must be the human side of me coming out in full force. Of all the things that I do not want to admit, this is one of them. I do not have a better plan or the ability to move in any direction better than He can in my life. I realize that sounds like I am inadequate, but it is not that, it is that He is so much better and this life thing than I am.

I truly believe that trusting Him si nothing more that understanding how much He really loves me and wants the best for me, therefore anything that is out there I can overcome through Him. What is more than that I have promises from Him that says just that, we are over-comers, literally. If you have read any of the other postings you realize that I take everything literally when it come to seeing Gods grace and love for me.

But I have rambled enough and will work on getting everything caught up in the next few posts!IMG_0915

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