Do I really know how much God loves me? Really?



When I try to contemplate how much He loves me I can’t seem to get my arms around the unlimited capacity of His Love. I think that our infinite human mind has a hard time dealing with the kind of love he has for us. It is unconditional, unending, uninterrupted it completely forgives and restores regardless of the offense. From my human mind that is hard to imagine. However just because I can’t seem to grasp His love does not for an instant mean that His love is not true or does not exist. My knowing or understanding is not the directive that makes His love for me real, it is real and it is the truth. I am so glad that my believing is a prerequisite to the truth…I do know that He loves me far more that I can even understand, or comprehend. When I think that something that offends Him happens, it is paid for and restoration is complete actually before it happens. I will always have right standing with God no matter the circumstances, again this is not about me it is about what He has done in my place. What a place to be in our walk with Him, forgiven, spotless before Him completely all the time. Now that give us a totally different outlook on life and our relationship with Him. That is a great thought, a great realization and a wonderfully loving God who wants to be intimate with us. So today when you feel that everything is not going well, or your day is kinda not working for you, just think about how much He loves you, how much He really cares…even in the smallest things, talk to Him, tell Him your inner most thoughts and feelings. Just try it, I mean what can it hurt, right?

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