The Reason For The Season – New Creation



I am completely overwhelmed by the grace afforded to us that is represented during this time of the year. He came knowing that His death would bring about the salvation of the entire world. He made it possible for each of us to not be condemned, but to be totally loved by the God if the universe. Religion doesn’t redeem us from anything, but His life does. It has nothing to do with what I do, I can’t get any closer to God than I already am, He is living inside me all the time. Because His Son paid for all of the sins of man, how can He get mad at me for anything? He can’t, that is against His entire make up, He loves us beyond anything you can imagine. The Bible says that it pleased the father to send His Son Born to die, that I might live! Praise you Father

This is a song by the Imperials that says it all…. you can listen on you tube below…

Created bone of His bone, Created flesh of His flesh
I am a child whose father is the Almighty God
We were created in His image, His divine nature was imparted to me
And His royal blood now flows through my veins
I am a new creation, I was created by Him
And through Him we are infallible, indestructible a new class of men
And though the powers of hell may rage against me I stand triumphantly
With the armor of God to go about me I can stand victoriously.

We are empowered by the Holy Spirit all set to be filled with the mind of Christ (all things work together for our good; because Jesus lives we have the ability to reign like kings and like priests)
We are proclaiming liberty to the captives
And we’re opening the door and setting them free. 

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