Total Forgiveness, Total Life


You, your dead you, and the devil want to try to convince you that you are not worthy of the precious gift that He has provided, in fact none of us are in  any way shape or form are able to attain it! However the actual gift of His great love provides us all that we need to qualify for everything that He has promised us including FREEDOM FROM SIN. He lifts us up and puts our feet in a place that He knows is far superior to our previous standing. From undeserving, deplorable to a child of God with all the rights and privileges that go with the child of a king!  Forgiven washed clean never to suffer from guilt or fear. What a wonderful way to describe out personal relationship with God himself. Free, open and looking into the eyes of the One that loves me beyond compare! He knows all of the dark deep things that have affected me in terrible way only to say “I Love You, enough to trust you with all of the power that is contained in my being! You are my son, I delight in you, all of you!”

Remember that God does not operate in the negative, any negative thoughts or feelings are not from God. If they are not of God who are they from? Right, so when you are feeling all those negative thoughts, remember who is attacking you. If it is not God then He has a positive message for you instead of the message you are hearing right now. Negativity must go and our thinking must be the opposite of the negative. Grater is He that is within you that he that is in the world, right… Take every negative thought and weigh it, look at it through Gods eyes and see if it is real, probably not real, Huh!

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