Unrealistic, Yes, True, Yes!


It is really hard to fathom the love and grace of God for us. I know that a lot of church people say this a lot of the time, but nonetheless, there is a big reality and truth that is not diminished by the rhetoric of church people.  His love is portrayed by the unconditional, far reaching effect brought on by a God that loves you and I totally and completely. We will never understand what that love is like unless you are able to fall plat on your face and still know that, “I am the righteousness of God recreated by the blood of Jesus Christ on the cross with no limits. There is no condemnation or manipulation involved in this scenario, Gods love is incredible perfect, cleaned by the everlasting power of His blood, that more than satisfied the the debt for the sins of all mankind.Image

We need to stop talking about the devil and what he can do, because we all know that the words spoken by Jesus when He said, “It is finished” forever defeated the devil and out flesh. They are dead, regardless of what or how we think about it, it is finished! We are free from the law of sin and death, totally free. Ok, pastors don’t tell me that someone has to hold people responsible for their actions, because if God see each of us a righteous and free, don’t you think you place might be to see that same thing as God, Really! Nothing, Nothing, Nothing can separate us from God and his total forgiveness. Nothing!

If that is the way that God sees me then I have to believe that he has entrusted me with all of the power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead. He finds us worth a lot more than we think! When he talked to Peter after the denial, He was not condemning, He had just finished the process for that denial a few days earlier! What an incredible thought, praise you Father for the love that you show to me every second of every day!

I suggest that we walk each day knowing that we are blessed and have the favor of God on our lives, total blessing and love. He does say His yoke is easy and burden is light. I hear those that say I have to bear my cross everyday, why, He did that a long time ago, you are no more religious for having trials than the person that completely trust God and exist in Him… Head up, walk ahead knowing that He is going ahead of you preparing the way! Cool

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